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Johnston County 4th Grader Lands SchoolNet Site

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MEADOW — You've seen these kids. They're fresh from their schools, fired up about their latest fundraiser. And you write a check. In the Johnston County town of Meadow, one 4th grader saw something her school needed, and then on her own, raised $4,000 to buy it.

The object of her labor is near and dear to WRAL-TV5 Weather Center meteorologist Greg Fishel's heart.

Amanda Johnson pores over the statistics displayed on her computer screen. "Our humidity is 31%. Our rain fall... we had no rain."

Amanda Johnson is sitting in front of a new addition to her school's computer room. It's the Weather Net, a software system paired with weather measuring equipment that's linked to WRAL-TV's statewide weather reporting stations.

Greg went to Amanda's school to herald her achievement and addressed her classmates in the school gym. They will be using the system Amanda made possible as part of their social studies classes.

"So we actually have three SchoolNet units in Johnston County," Greg told the students. "And there are no other official weather stations in Johnston County that give you hourly weather information."

Amanda's classmates honored the one who made it possible for them, giving her a hearty round of applause.

Amanda's skill doesn't stop with weather tracking -- she's also an excellent salesperson. "I sold doughnuts. I sold raffle tickets for a Meadow School print and I went around to area businesses and asked for the money."

Amanda considers it a gift for her school as well as a boost for her future.

"This project is actually based on what I would like to be when I grow up," she told Gregg. "I just had my decision made."


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