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Harnett's Holiday Weekend Begins with a Bang of Thunderstorm Damage

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LILLINGTON — The long holiday weekend is getting off to a soggy start for a lot of people in North Carolina.

Many residents woke up to the sound of thunderstorms Saturday morning. Harnett County was hit hard with a severe storm that delivered powerful winds and hail to the region.

No one was injured, but the storm left a lot of damage behind.

Residents in the Anderson Creek Community faced an early morning storm with winds of more than 40 miles per hour ripping through the remote area.

"It came in and was gone, but it was enough to make you go somewhere and be real still," resident Tommy Shaw said.

Trees snapped in two, crashing onto rooftops and slamming into cars. One mobile home even had the roof peeled off of it.

Nearly one hundred homes were left without power.

"When the trees come down on the lines, of course the lines are going to come down, and we had a couple of poles broken," utility worker Jimmy Allen said. "When you have trees falling, this is what you're going to have."

The heavy winds were strong enough to pick up a storage shed and toss it clear across the yard, nearly 150 feet away.

Raymond Klein spent most of the day assessing the damage to his property trying to decide what was worth saving.

"Fix up what I can, if I can't, tear it down and do without," Klein said.

Like his neighbors, Klein said he felt lucky because he knows some things cannot be replaced.

"We're alive, that's the main thing. We feel fortunate," Klein said.

The Anderson Creek community was one of the hardest hit areas, and crews had most of the power restored by late Saturday afternoon.