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Tips To Keep Teens Out of Trouble

Posted May 21, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Most teenagers will face violence, and other serious challenges. Adolescence is a time of great change and turmoil for teens and parents.

Three years ago, Tim MacLachlen dropped out of school.

"I was doing bad in school and stuff. So I just said forget it," MacLachlen said.

At 17-years-old, Tim has just become the father of a baby girl. Faced with parenthood he hopes to eventually get his G.E.D. to get a better job.

Teenagers are confronted with some very serious issues, and at the heart of their need is a desperate cry for help.

Patricia Molitor, a councelor at Wake Teen, said that it is important for parents to stay involved in the lives of their teens.

"Spend time with your child, at least a half-an-hour alone without the tv on," Molitor said. "Without other distractions."

Wake Teen suggests that parents follow some basic tips to help their teens:

  • Listen to your teen
  • Encourage openness
  • Be interested in your child's perspective
  • Let your teen know you care
  • Know your teen's friends
  • Focus on the things your teens do wellHaving contact with parents is vital to a teen's survival.

    "They get concerned with different types of people around me," teenager Leah Mills said. "The different types of influences that are there."