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Police Charge Suspect in Raleigh Woman's Death

Posted May 21, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Raleigh police charged an Angier woman with first-degree murder in the death of an elderly woman found in Morrisville.

When she was first arrested last Saturday, 34-year old Carlette Parker was charged with kidnapping in the death of 86-year-old Alice Covington. Now police say that there is enough evidence to charge Parker with Covington's murder.

Parker is a home health-care worker who people trusted with their parents and grandparents.

"We believe that there was sufficient trauma during the detention and abduction of Miss Covington to cause her death," Raleigh Police Captain Mike Longmire said.

Police say Parker kidnapped Covington last week in Raleigh, and then drove her Smithfield, where Covington has a bank account. Covington turned up dead in her car two-days later in Morrisville. The specific cause of death has not yet been determined, but police said that Covington was traumatized.

"I can tell you that during the course of the investigation a search was made and we recovered from the vehicle owned by Miss Parker a stun-gun and pepper-spray that we contend were involved in this incident," Capt. Longmire said.

Police also said that there are more charges to come -- charges of forgery, credit card fraud and obtaining property by false pretense. Police said these charges not only involve Covington, but at least three other victims.

"They're all elderly, they had all been in Miss Parker's care at one point in time during her occupation as a home health care provider," Capt. Longmire said.

Police suspect Parker may have victimized other elderly people as well. They're asking anyone who has used her as a home care provider to call Raleigh police.