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Suspect Sought for Kidnapping, Assault

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RALEIGH — There were some frightening moments for two Wake County women as they arrived home Wednesday afternoon. Officers say a man, who was robbing the house, kidnapped a mother and her daughter, and held them hostage for several hours.

Investigators say it began on Waterview drive around 2:00 p.m. They say a 22-year-old Wake Tech student came home and surprised a burglar.

"He restrained her," said Major Danny Bellamy. "He kept her in this house for some six hours total. During that time he tied her up, sexually assaulted her, as well as assaulted her with a weapon."

Around 7:00 p.m., officers say her mother came home and the suspect kidnapped her too. After being held captive for hours, the daughter managed to escape.

"The younger girl got lose first and ran next door to a neighbor and called for help," Bellamy continued. "And about that time, her mother managed to get away. But how they did it, I do not know right now."

At this point officers also don't know exactly how the suspect got away.

"Obviously, he had a vehicle to be this far out," said Bellamy. "He was in the process of gathering things inside the house to take. So, he had to have a way to get away from here."

They hope someone might have seen that car or anything else that could lead them to the to the capture of the suspect.

Both women were taken to the hospital and treated for minor cuts. Investigators say they will interview neighbors and continue their search Thursday morning.

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