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Rookie Fayetteville Police Officer Charged with Rape

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FAYETTEVILLE — A Fayetteville police officer with just eight months on the force, is under arrest, charged with raping a teenage girl he had just taken into custody.

Police say 25-year-old Christopher Young violated the trust a young woman had in a law enforcement officer. The Patrolman is charged with first degree kidnapping and rape.

Police say the 17-year-old girl was involved in a car accident near Fayetteville State University. Officer Young responded and arrested the girl for driving without a drivers license and using a false name. But instead of taking her to the police station, detectives say he drove her to this remote area and raped her.

"Police officers who tend to do this type of thing destroy the integrity of the job and the department it doesn't make us feel good at all," said Fayetteville Police Chief Ron Hansen.

Young told detectives it was consensual sex, but Hansen says sex involving an officer in uniform and a suspect in custody is not consensual. The victim's mother is outraged that a man in uniform would take advantage of his authoritative position. She says it was an act of intimidation.

"It makes me sick to know he is out there," said the girl's mother, "but that's all right, he will be taken care of."

(Note: The mother's voice has been disguised to protect the girl's anonymity.)

The mother says her daughter could barely move, claiming she was handcuffed during the alleged rape.

"When you think you can trust a police officer and you can't trust him, who can you trust? For him to go and do something to our daughter,"said the mother.

Efforts are already underway to fire Officer Young. Early Thursday morning, police went to the place where Young was staying and took all of his police equipment, including the uniform he was wearing when the alleged rape occurred.

This incident occurred after police had already begun an investigation into a separate sexual misconduct complaint against Young that came in Wednesday morning. Another woman said sexual misconduct, which was not specified by police, occurred after she was stopped in her car by Young on May 12.

Police said there was not enough evidence to support the May 12 allegation, but the department said Young's conduct in that case were "deemed to be unbecoming conduct of a police officer.


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