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Fayetteville Police Officer Charged with Raping Woman After Traffic Accident

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FAYETTEVILLE — A 25-year-old Fayetteville police officer has been charged with raping a teenage motorist whom he had handcuffed after she was invovled in an accident.

Officer Christopher L. Young was charged by Fayetteville police with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping. He is accused of raping the 17-year-old girl after a traffic accident on Wednesday. According to police, Young arrested the girl because she had no drivers license and used a false name. He is accused of handcuffing the girl and taking her to a remote location, where she says she was raped. She says Young then took her to the police department.

Young has been with the department for eight months. City procedures are now being followed to terminate Young from the force.

This incident occurred after police had already begun an investigation into a separate sexual misconduct complaint against Young that came in Wednesday morning. Another woman said sexual misconduct, which was not specified by police, occurred after she was stopped in her car by Young on May 12.

"We do everything possible in our recruitment program and process to get people that we feel secure with," Police Chief Ron Hansen told WRAL's Melissa Buscher. "But obviously, from time to time, we will miss, as any other agency will miss people that have problems and certainly do not act appropriately. This obviously was the case."

Police said there was not enough evidence to support the May 12 allegation, but the department said Young's conduct in that case were "deemed to be unbecoming conduct of a police officer.

Young has told investigators that the sex with the teenager was consensual, but Chief Ron Hansen said sexual relations are not consensual when an officer is on duty and the other person is handcuffed.

Young is being held now on a $75,000 bond.

Fayetteville police are requesting other citizens with information or complaints to contact the department.

Buscher will have the latest on the investigation on the 5 O'Clock First News.


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