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City Bus Plows Into Rocky Mount Restaurant

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ROCKY MOUNT — An accident at Western Ave. and Church St. sent a Rocky Mount city bus into a downtown restaurant around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Officers say the bus was going through a nearby intersection when a sport utility vehicle ran the light, forcing the bus driver to swerve. The bus went about ten feet into the Central Cafe, and caused a significant amount of damage.

Witnesses Mike Bragg and Bashekia Odom described the accident as a big "boom" followed by the spraying of water by firefighters and a number of pictures being taken at the scene.

Four people, including the drivers of the car and bus, were sent to the hospital. Wednesday, the driver of the bus was released. The driver of the car, Ida Jones, is listed in stable condition.

The bus was carrying no passengers at the time and was on the way to be parked for the night.

Three or four other people were reportedly injured, but not seriously enough to go to the hospital. The police also said that there were not a lot of people in the restaurant, which prevented further injuries. Had the accident happened during the restaurant's busy lunch hour, the situation could've been much worse.

"We were able to account for all the employees and all the customers," said Lt. Robert Baggett. "Then we were worrying about a small gas leak. That was contained by the fire department. After that, we knew that everything was going to be okay."

The restaurant has been closed until further notice. Reporter / Photographer:Brian BowmanandKerrie Hudzinski