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All-America Week Starts at Ft. Bragg

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FT. BRAGG — Twenty thousand feet hit the pavement at the crack of dawn this morning as the 82nd Airborne began its All America Week with a mass run around the base.

Sporting events, a division review, memorial ceremony and special dinner are highlights of the week's events, designed to celebrate the American spirit.

All America week draws airborne veterans from across the country, who come to marvel at the vigor and enthusiasm of today's military personnel.

Joe Rodello, one such vet who returned for the celebration, gave his younger colleagues credit for their intelligence, stamina and size -- but suggested with a laugh that his age group knew how to get into more mischief.

This week's events are extra special because 30 years ago the 3rd Brigade was in Vietnam, and 50 years ago a glider regiment was activated as an airborne infantry unit.

And on Thursday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Hugh Shelton will be back at Ft. Bragg as guest speaker.

The public is welcome to watch any of the sporting events scheduled for the week, and to attend the division review and memorial ceremony.