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One Golphin Juror Speaks Out

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CLAYTON — Juror Sharon Waugh said that there was not any controversy among jurors in their decision to give Kevin and Tilmon Golphin the death penalty.

"Yes, it was hard but the amazing thing was our jury was close," Waugh said. "We got very close and we were bonded and it was like one accord."

Waugh said that when it came to deciding on the death penalty, she kept remembering one piece of evidence.

"I keep thinking the thing that goes through my head a lot is the pictures of the officers down with the gunshot wounds and they're laying there dead," Waugh said. "Eight times to Lloyd Lowery and five times to Hatchcock, that's just pure meanness. I know one of the other jurors said she went home and cried and cried and cried."

When the Golphins addressed the court, she was caught off-guard by Kevin Golphins anger.

"It made me very, very scared," Waugh said. "I had an afraid feeling and felt like something just punched my chest and a shocked feeling too."

Waugh said that when the jurors visited the spot where the officers were killed, it helped provide closure for all they had been through.

"I just felt heavy hearted for the loss, the senseless loss and it made me mad then that they had to kill somebody that was trying to protect us and do their duty," Waugh said.

In fact, Waugh said that the jurors became so close, they plan on getting together on the first anniversary of their decision.

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