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Holly Springs May Get Dumped On Again

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HOLLY SPRINGS — The town of Holly Springs is preparing for a fight with Wake County.

Town leaders and residents are trying to stop the development of a proposed landfill. scheduled to open in 2003.

Oak Hall, a development of new homes in Holly Springs is one of the many signs of the town's explosive growth.

However, when Anne Allen and her husband bought their home they were not told a landfill would be built nearby. A dump will change their landscape drastically.

"Well, the dump is suppose to be over there amongst all those beautiful green trees," Allen said. "So when I look out my front window, instead of seeing these beautiful green trees, I'll see a pile of trash which I'm not thrilled about."

County officials say, however, there would be a 300-foot buffer around the landfill that would block it from public view.

Allen also is not thrilled about how the landfill will dump on her resale value.

If the dump goes through, residents said that they will be exposed to more truck traffic, noise, and the smell of garbage.

The dumps here are located in predominantly African-American neighborhoods, causing some residents to charge that it amounts to environmental racism.

Resident Belinda Hinton said, "They can find a dumpsite anywhere else besides near our neighborhood."

The mayor and citizens armed with "no dump" badges said that Wake County has dumped on Holly Springs enough.

Town residents say they will not take it any more, and they vow to fight and never give up on their dream to keep the dump out of their town.

Residents will have the opportunity to ask questions this Saturday at ten in morning at Holly Springs Elementary.


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