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The Bird's the Word in Wilson

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WILSON — We've all seen billboards and signs designed to lure us off the highway and into local stores. Wilson County has a new plan to bring you in, but this one is a little unusual. The county wants barnyard fiberglass to bring in the bucks.

Driving on Interstate-95 can be a little monotonous, but that may change soon thanks to an eight foot rooster called "Foghorn Buckhorn." In a few months, the fiberglass fowl will loom over motorists at Wilson County's busiest intersection.

The county is planning to put a water tower there. When it's done, a massive ornament will be bolted to the top.

"When we saw the opportunity to build a watertank in the industrial park out at I-95, we thought that with all the traffic on I-95, it would be a good idea to have something to help them remember Wilson and that exit," says Wilson County manager, Ellis Williford.

Foghorn is not the first giant bird to nest over Wilson. A few years ago, a similar model perched on this tower for a city publicity campaign. It came down when the tower got a new paint job. Some people believe the new one should never go up, saying the project is tacky.

Business owner Johnny Land says it's unusual, but if it pulls motorists off I-95, he's all for it.

"It would help pull lots of people, I believe, because a rooster up there on top of the tank would show up pretty good," Land explains.

The county shelled out the $2,000 for the bright red rooster. Local leaders say the attention it gets could put Wilson County a little higher on the pecking order for interstate travelers.

Wilson County has set up its own survey to gauge reaction to "Foghorn". You can cast your vote at thecounty's web page.

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