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Wilson County Students Mourn Friends Killed in Weekend Wreck

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WILSON — Students at a Wilson County High School are mourning the loss of two good friends, as is the community. The young man and woman were killed in a weekend auto accident.

Rebekah Anders and Benjamin Edmondson died Saturday night on the way home from a Carolina Mudcats baseball game with friends. News of the Saturday night crash is making the final weeks of school at Beddingfield High tough to endure.

"There are so many people grieving for her because there are so many people that knew her. She was always happy, always smiling, she was beautiful," said Amy Marthinsen, a friend of the victims.

"We had done a lot of things together. He was real outgoing. He wasn't shy a bit. He would walk up to a conversation with anybody around school.He had a lot of friends," said another friend, Donnie Bass.

Marthinsen and Bass went out with their best friends almost every week. They say that they and most of their other friends are still in shock over the loss.

Another passenger, Cris Boswell is recovering at Pitt Memorial Hospital. A fourth student is recovering at home.

"We prayed and we cried on each other's shoulders, you know, just to help us out some and it helped a lot to go ahead and get it over before this first day of school back," said Marthinsen.

Beddingfield students are talking with counselors and with each other to get through this.

Beddingfield Principal Dexter Simms says the school is focused on this incident right now.

"For example, the band tonight has dedicated their performance to those two individuals. Rather than cancel, they decided by a unanimous vote to go ahead and do their performance tonight," said Simms.

Drivers age have the highest accident rates of all age groups. They are more often at fault in fatal crashes than older drivers.

Police say there was no alcohol involved in this crash.


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