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Rescuers Search Waterway for Missing Cumberland Co. Man

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FAYETTEVILLE — Rescue crews are searching a Cumberland County waterway for a man they fear has drowned. They're looking in Rock Fish Creek just off Highway 87.

A call came in to rescue workers at about 10 a.m. Friday, but by noon, there was no sign of the missing 35-year-old man. The man and his wife were at the creek Friday morning where they were fishing together under a bridge. Then his wife went elsewhere to fish, leaving her husband under the bridge.

A short while later, the woman says she heard her husband frantically call her name out, but she was never able to locate him. She flagged down a passing motorist for help.

Rescuers are searching in boats, on land and in the air for any sign of the missing man. Water search dogs were also called in to assist.

The woman told WRAL's Melissa Buscher that her husband does not know how to swim. Heavy rains in recent months have left the creek banks very slippery, leading rescuers to worry that he may have slipped into the water.

Searchers say they will also search the Cape Fear River where the creed empties about a mile-and-a-half from the current search site.


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