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Faircloth Vs. Edwards: Are You Ready To Rumble?

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RALEIGH — The candidates claim that their campaigns will focus on the issues, but right now the attention is focused on the money trail.

This senate race is important in North Carolina, and on the national political scene.

Republicans want to keep Lauch Faircloth in office, and maintain their majority in the Senate. Democrats believe that the seat is up for grabs. These conflicting goals mean that both national parties will pump big bucks into this election.

In the matchup of Faircloth versus Edwards, Senator Faircloth threw the first punch.

John Edwards stated that he will not accepted special interest donations during the campaign. After winning the nomination Tuesday, he agreed to accept funding from the Democratic party. Faircloth calls that a broken promise.

"Which indirectly and directly means that he is breaking the very foundation of his campaign and gone back on his word," Faircloth's Campaign Manager Charles Fuller said.

Edwards said that he will accept money from the Democratic party, but only if it comes from private donations and not special interest. He will allow the party to discern the difference between the two.

"What we've done is tell the national committee about our commitment so they're fully aware of that, and that's a commitment they're responsible for honoring," Edwards said.

Both candidates will benefit from party funds, with the Republicans aiding the Faircloth campaign. Both candidates said that the race will center around the issues.

The race will also battle over the airwaves. Faircloth recently pulled an ad that was critical of Edwards off the air. He is now running ads that list his Senate record.

The Edward's campaign said that they will stick to their campaign of promoting his views.


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