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College Graduates Learn the Realities of Job Hunting

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RALEIGH — It is almost time for graduating college students to put all those years of education to good use in the job world.

However, depending on what your area of expertise is, finding a job in your field could be difficult.

In the best case scenario, students should get into their careers as soon as possible. Whether its through an internship or volunteering. Employers said that there is no substitute for having hands on experience.

Computer jobs ,jobs in labs, accounting and sales are hot, but some other areas are a little harder to get into.

Counselors said that even in a good year, finding jobs in journalism, art, advertising and public relations is tough.

"I wouldn't say its easy to get into it right out of school, but if you have energy and desire and some experience, you can get in," P.R. Account Supervisor Steven Eisenstadt said.

In the last 2 years one public relations firm only hired 2 interns as workers. Rufus Manning was one of those interns.

"P.R. has long been known as being difficult to get entry level positions," Manning said. "The best way to get a first job is to do a co-op or internship."

Besides some kind of hands on experience, what do most employers look for in prospective workers?

"Someone who displays energy, desire, the extra spark you need to work in a really fast pace environment," Eisenstadt said.

The most important thing is getting out there, and shopping yourself around.

"If you take your time be patient, go through as many obstacles as you can, understand this is part of the career path then you will be fine," Rufus said.

For the more difficult areas for finding work, career counselors said that a student should be making contacts, and getting some kind of experience long before graduation.

In addition, counselors said that if students do not have a job, they should spend about 6 to 7 hours a day trying to find one.

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