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Defense Witnesses Testify in Golphin Trial

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FAYETTEVILLE — More family members and friends are getting on the stand in defense of Tilmon Golphin. The sentencing phase in the trial of Tilmon and his brother Kevin Golphin continues in Fayetteville.

The brothers were convicted last week of murdering a state trooper and a Cumberland County deputy.

Don Eakes knew Tilmon Golphin as a young boy growing up in Richmond, Va. Eakes took the stand to recall a gentle, quiet, well-behaved boy who was a scout.

"... a very quiet, very thoughtful person," said Eakes on the witness stand. "I think he was like a calming influence on the other kids, if anything. You know, if the kids were playing and getting noisy or whatever, he wasn't one of the ones."

During cross-examination, the state tried to portray the brothers in a different light. Eakes was asked about a 1993 incident during which the brothers threw rocks at a young girl. Eakes said he never heard anything about that incident.

Sitting in the courtroom Tuesday was the brothers' mother, Sylvia Williams. A psychologist has testified that she physically abused both brothers when they were younger, and never made an effort to discipline them.

The psychologist was the only witness for Kevin Golphin. For Tilmon Golphin, there have been several family members and friends in the courtroom and on the stand.

Sentencing testimony is expected to continue through the remainder of the week.