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Fort Bragg Contemplates Restricted Access

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FAYETTEVILLE — Fort Bragg is one of the military's most significant instillations, and had unrestricted access to the public.

However, the idea of restricting this post first began about a year ago. The reason that a former commander gave was that it is extremely important to have the potential to restrict access if deemed necessary during times of sensative deployments or terrorist threats.

The plan proposes an 8 foot high fence with with three strings of barb wire at the top. It would stretch 21 miles and include up to 20 gates.

If the fence does go up, planners said that motorist would still have unrestricted access from two streets.

Master planner Camille Cole said, "We are in the preliminary planning stages now on developing a solid cost, doing some environmental work and surveying where the fence would actually go."

Funding for the fence has been approved by a congressional panel. The proposal still has several other hurdles to clear, including approval by the house and senate.

If approved the fence will cost $8,300,000, and is expected to take 18 months to build. This base is the only military instillation in the entire state that has unrestricted access.


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