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Mysterious Goo Surrounds the Neuse

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GOLDSBORO — People who have fished the Neuse River for years say they thought they'd seen just about everything until now. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a mysterious white substance is coating the banks of the river, and it has caught the attention of state investigators.

The substance looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and it's covering everything along the banks where the Neuse and Little rivers meet in Wayne County. So far, no one seems able to identify the goo.

Frank Mitchell discovered the mess two weeks ago and called state experts.

A distinct line across the trees and bushes shows where the water level was when the substance first came in. As recent rains have picked much of it up and carried it away, these substance has been spotted miles downstream.

The substance appears to begin near Cherry Hopsital and flow downstream from there. No one seems to be suffering any health problems because of it, and the smell that originally issued forth from the mess has vanished. Despite its dramatic presence, Mitchell says the stuff was even thicker than this a few days ago.

State workers are taking samples to figure out what this is. People along the river say they can't wait to hear the results.

State workers say they have no reports of fish kills in the area. The test results could take a few days.


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