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Faith a Big Factor in Cancer Remission

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CREEDMOOR — Pastor Mack Timberlake of Creedmoor has built a worldwide ministry. He's reached out to help thousands through the power of prayer. Now he says the power of prayer and faith has offered him healing from a deadly disease.

For 20 years, Pastors Mack and Brenda Timberlake used their pulpit at Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor to spread the gospel and help people cope with life's challenges. But recently, the couple has faced a personal challenge that appeared to be impossible to beat-- cancer.

In March of 1997, Mack was diagnosed with advanced stages of throat cancer. He admits he was ready to die after chemotherapy and radiation.

Reverend Timberlake met with twenty doctors at UNC Hospitals. Their prognosis was not good. In fact, the leading doctor informed the Timberlakes to pray for the best while he prepared for the worse. Doctors would have to remove a cancerous growth the size of a chipmunk from Timberlake's throat.

The Timberlakes relied on their faith and prayers. When Doctors prepared to remove the growth during surgery, the growth was inexplicably gone. Doctors removed lymph-nodes to be sure the cancer was completely eradicated. The result, ten months after being diagnosed with a deadly cancer, doctors say Timberlake was completely free of the disease.

"I'm grateful to God everyday for sparing my husband because he was literally a walking dead man," Brenda says.

Mack knows that he's been left here for a purpose and a destiny. That is to change the life of other people economically.

Mack Timberlake says he's a man of God who's been touched by the healing hand of God.

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