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Car Thieves Strike Cary Communities

Posted April 24, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— People in Cary are on high alert after a series of break-ins. The thieves aren't targeting homes, but cars.

The affluent neighborhoods of Cary aren't the picture of a typical crime zone. Tell that to Jim and Marjorie Ginsberg. At 5:00 one morning, someone broke into their unlocked car in their driveway, used the garage door opener and stole a drill and some CDs from the garage.

"We saw someone in the garage, so we went downstairs," Majorie Ginsberg explains. "The doors to all of the cars were open. The doors to the garage were open. The doors to the gloveboxes-- everything was ajar."

The Ginsberg's weren't the only residents hit in the Weatherstone community that morning. Someone broke into eight other cars and garages. That scenario has been happening in neighborhoods across Cary and in apartment complexes too.

Ascary Arias received a call from police saying that his car had been broken into. Police officials say there have been over 100 vehicle break-ins across Cary since January. They say most of the crimes are taking place in concentrated areas.

"The people-- if something is good to them-- will go to it over and over again until it's not lucrative to them anymore," says Cary Police officer Remi Reed.

The number of car break-ins in our area went up 6% last year. To protect your car and your things:

  • Always lock the doors,
  • Park in a well-lit area,
  • Engrave stereo and phone equipment with personal I-D numbers, and
  • Lock loose valuables in the trunk.