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Middle-School Students Speak Out Against Reassignment

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RALEIGH, N.C. — More than 11,000 students could move in the next Wake County school reassignment, and now a group of seventh-graders is getting in on the reassignment debate.    The students got organized to express their frustrations with the proposal. Around 200 signatures were gathered from seventh-graders at Daniels Middle School -- all protesting the reassignment that will shake up where they go to high school.

"We feel betrayed and confused at our own school system," said Daniels Middle student Grey Gordon.

Gordon is the organizer. He wasn't affected by reassignment, but his friend Sam Stone was.

"I was really looking forward to how Daniels always feeds into Broughton, so I'd be with my friends for seven years until we go to college," said Stone.

Students' concerns are centered on two neighborhoods -- Brookhaven and Old Brookhaven. Students there were on track to go to Broughton, but now they're being reassigned to Sanderson. Sanderson doesn't offer one of the elite programs that the students said they were promised.


The program is called the International Baccalaureate, or IB, program. It's part of every student's basic curriculum at Daniels Middle.  

"The IB track is something you can go anywhere with in your life," said Gordon.

"It looks really good on your college application," said Stone.

Wake County Public Schools' representative said the district received 2,000 comments and complaints about reassignment, and the Daniels Middle School petition is just one. Stone hopes it will get taken seriously.

"It's tremendous, because it's kids speaking out -- not parents, teachers, but people themselves having to deal with this," he said.

Spokesman Michael Evans said reassigned students would still have the chance to apply to Broughton or other magnet schools. They just won't be a part of the base population.

The official period to give feedback is over. School board members are reviewing those suggestions. The full board will review the plans next month.


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