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Wilson Rap Artist Is Down With the Barton Bulldogs

Posted March 29, 2007 6:40 p.m. EDT

— Many people say Barton College's tournament run to the NCAA Division II national basketball title should be turned in a movie. No offers yet—but one woman has already turned it into a song.

Barton's amazing season and dramatic championship win put a national spotlight on the little team from Wilson. It also inspired Jacquie Jeffers to set their story to music.

“The Bulldogs won the national championship, and now the nation is saying good job from their lips,” Jeffers said.

Jeffers, whose stage name is Lady J, wrote most of her rap before the final game was even over.

“There was a pass from Bobby Buffaloe, thanks a lot.” Then she added a few lines about those final seconds. “Anthony Atkinson hit the winning shot.”

“My intent was really just to give it to Anthony or either play it for Barton College, not knowing that it was going to cause a stir,” Jeffers said. Friends at a local radio station offered to help her record the song, however, and they said they would give it some airplay.

Lady J isn't just any Bulldog fan. She has a special tie with the game hero.

“Yes, I was his ninth-grade English teacher,” she said.

As an educator and a motivational speaker, she's done this before.

“I do mostly inspirational motivation raps that teach lessons,” she said.

As for the Barton Bulldogs rise to fame, “I think its an absolutely wonderful story worth telling.”

“These guys never gave up hope, and that's what I want to convey to other people—just keep trying no matter what.”

After Jeffers records the rap, she said, she’ll send the finished version to radio stations across the country in hopes of getting more national attention for Barton.