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Program Helps Thousands Get Good Jobs

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Louis Crowder is the go-to man at work. He carries the mail at CC Mangum Construction Company in Raleigh. Crowder was hired nine years ago after completing the very first Jobs For Life program.

"I am very grateful that I am where I am through the grace of God and Jobs For Life," said Crowder.

The goal of Jobs For Life is to end poverty and unemployment. The non-profit program trains people in basic life and work readiness skills through 16 training sessions, with a graduation ceremony at the end.

"It's churches, businesses, other community organizations coming together providing the tools, resources, mentors, training to help our neighbors move from this place of hopelessness to becoming employed and really building a healthy life," said Jobs For Live representative Skip Long.

Classes cover topics like "My Value As An Employee" and "Integrity In The Workplace". Jobs For Life is different because it gives students inspiration from the lives of figures in the bible like Jonah and Joseph.

"Joseph, even though he found himself incarcerated, he worked hard, " said Long. "Even though he was there, here was his mindset -- he didn't blame anyone. Alright students, who do you blame?"

Jobs For Life is now selling its toolkit to groups across the nation from Oregon to Arizona. Long said the program is getting a lot of demand in the Hispanic community. That's demand that the program hopes will move 52,000 people in 2006 from hopelessness to hope.

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