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Compromise Over Nashville Development Not Sitting Well With Residents

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NASHVILLE, N.C. — Nashville residents say they were encouraged to show up to help the Town Council gather information for a potential lawsuit and together, they would take on developers, but that's not what happened.


In a standing-room only meeting, Nashville town residents voiced their opinions about development plans. Their concern is over a planned subdivision near the Birchwood neighborhood. They say more homes will mean more traffic and safety concerns.

Tuesday's meeting was advertised as a sort of mock trial for the Town Council to gather information for a potential lawsuit against the developers. However before the meeting even started, the Council struck a deal with developers.

"We were asked to come to the meeting with data and facts about the new subdivision being built. I was told the decision would not have been made before this evening," said resident Maureen Willis.

Some residents were frustrated, but the council members said the law favored the developers on the issue and it was in their best interest to strike a deal. They also said their compromise should help lead to less traffic.