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Fayetteville School System Battles Over Money

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FAYETTEVILLE — Cumberland County school system battled over money at a public forum Wednesday night.

School board members want $8,000,000 more than last year.

School board commissioners held a public forum to state their case. The board made it clear that if there is not at least $5,000,000 more than last year, Cumberland county students will suffer.

The board said that the smaller increase presents a worst case scenario in which cuts would have to be made. The core basic academics would not suffer, but extra curricular activities would.

School administrators would have to make cuts in areas like sports, bands and orchestra.

One possible solution is a raise in taxes, but most county commissioners will not consider that as an option.

Commissioner Mac Tyson would rather eliminate school administrative positions.

"Which is to cut back on middle management," Tyson said. "Have each school somewhat as you will almost like a plant that the principal is accountable for. Let the principal run the school and have the principal of each school directly accountable to the superintendent."

School board officials said that without the money, Cumberland County students will not compete with their counterparts around the country.

School board members will plead their case to County Commissioners at a breakfast scheduled for Monday morning. The board will then vote on the budget.