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Wilson Craftsman Erects Metal Marvels

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WILSON — You can't help but see the massive metal figures looming over Wilson County. Vollis Simpson is becoming famous for turning used metal and street signs into a chorus of spinning colors.

His workshop is where his ideas and his projects are born. Simpson says he likes his hobby because it keeps him busy.

People like it so much that legends about why Simpson does this have sprung up almost as quickly as the sculptures. As one story goes, Simpson put up the structures to alert motorists of a deadly curve in the road. Not true, says Simpson. He says he can only chuckle and wonder where such stories begin.

The truth is that Simpson just likes working with his hands. He'll turn 80 years old in a few months, and has no plans of slowing down. Simpson says he's been blessed and can't complain about being able to get out and work everyday.

So far, Simpson has erected more than 20 of his unique works of art in Wilson.


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