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Rural Murder Shocks Folks in Vance County

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HENDERSON — A rural Vance County community is on edge after a pair of break-ins at neighboring homes.

One homeowner was shot and killed after surprising the robbers in his house.

Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, 43-year-old cattle farmer Reginald Stone Jr. was kill right after entering his home, when he may have interrupted a burglary.

"Evidently, he walked in on an intruder inside his house," Vance County Sheriff Thomas Breedlove said. "He was then shot in the head."

The sheriff's department does not have any suspects and its concerned that whoever committed the crime remains on the loose.

Investigators believe that the murder may be related to a previous break-in at a house owned by Stone's mother a week earlier, in which he nearly interrupted.

Neighbors said that they are deeply upset over Stone's death.

"Reggie was the kind of guy that you would want to have as a neighbor," Vance County resident Randolph Wilson said. "He was the kind of guy who would do anything for you at anytime, all you had to do was ask."

The burglars apparently got in Stone's home through the back door which is always unlocked. Neighbors who do the same thing realize that they may have to start locking their doors.

"Well, that's the kind of community we live in, or we thought we did anyway," Wilson said. "We feel that kind of freedom, that you don't have to keep your door locked." However, Wilson said that he will probably begin securing his house.

The sheriff's department said that multiple shots were fired in Stone's home but are not sure if more than one hit him.


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