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Local Events Keep Fayetteville Business Booming

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FAYETTEVILLE — If you're planning an impromptu trip to Fayetteville, you'd better bring a tent. Hotels are booked to the roof, and business leaders couldn't be happier.

A flood of visitors will converge on Fayetteville this weekend, filling up all 5,500 rooms in 60 different hotels. It seems the closest room for rent is at the Holiday Inn in Lumberton, according to one hotel manager. She is referring people to that and other hotels since all 275 rooms in her establishment are reserved.

Hotels and restaurants will reap the benefits of three different events. There is a gymnastics tournament that will bring 415 people to the area. There's a soccer tournament that's expected to draw in over 1,000 people. And of course, there are the festivities surrounding the Dogwood Festival.

Restaurants throughout the area plan to be fully staffed to handle the extra patrons. Although businesses will be extra busy, most believe it's a great thing for the town and the economy.

Thousands of visitors typically converge on the Dogwood Festival. But this weekend's situation is different that any other in the past. Business owners can hardly wait.

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