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Construction Worker Fires Gun at Zebulon Middle School

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ZEBULON — Two construction workers were arrested Thursday after gunfire rang out at Zebulon Middle School. No one was injured and no students were involved in the shooting.

The men were working at the school. The incident occurred just after 8 a.m. when two construction workers became involved in an argument. Reportedly, one of them went outside, retrieved a 9 mm handgun, and shot at the other.

School officials stress that no children were anywhere near the one bullet that was fired. The bullet hole in the school's exterior wall is the only evidence left of the incident, but that was enough to get the full attention of school officials and the Zebulon police.

Class was in session just one building away when 19-year-old Lancer Williams allegedly shot at a co-worker.

Zebulon Police Chief Donna Waters says students were not involved in any way.

School officials say they want parents to know that the risk of any student being hurt was extremely low, and that the bullet never made through the first wall it hit. At least three more walls, they say, would have kept it out of a classroom even if it had gone through the first one.

Students in the classroom closest to the shooting weren't even aware anything had happened, according to Assistant Principal John Wall.

School officials say they are going to send a letter out to local contractors that work with Wake County schools to remind them that it is a felony to bring a gun anywhere near a school campus. They also plan to send letters home to parents explaining the incident.