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State Board: Partial May Election Will Take Place

Posted April 15, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The State Board of Elections decided to conduct two primary elections this year, which will cost tax payers additional money.

Attorney General Mike Easley said, "People have been wondering now for two weeks,whether they were going to vote in May, and who they would be voting for."

The question was answered Thursday, which requires people who are working on the election to act quickly.

Johnnie Mclean, who is the state board of elections deputy director, said, "All of the mechanisms that it takes to conduct the primary in May will have to be put into motion again for this later primary."

Mclean said that the ballots have to be reprinted, the machines have to be reprogrammed, and more precinct officials will have to be found to replace the ones who have made other plans.

Plus, there is an additional expenses in doing another primary.

"When it is determined that a county might have to conduct an election, they will proceed with that and have to ask the county commissioners for funds in their budget," Mclean said.

Mclean said that the additional primary could cost $4,000,000, which is the average cost for a primary.

Friday, the General Assembly will file an election schedule including the new date for the congressional primary.