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N.C. Board of Transportation Audit Results Released

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An audit of the state board of transportation suggests that board members stay away
RALEIGH — After months of front page stories, changes are finally on the way for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. State Auditor Ralph Campbell released the findings of an independent audit of the N.C. Board of Transportation Thursday.

A rigorous, 2-month audit turned up a number of weaknesses in the way the board currently conducts its business. The report recommends an overhaul of operations.

The audit determined that N.C.'s Board of Transportation is the largest in the nation, and recommended that it cut its 26 person membership in half.

The report also recommends that the board get itself out of the business of signing off on a large number of individual projects. That is what has been behind the recent controversy at the DOT, with accusations flying that board members pushed projects in their own districts and, in many cases, received personal gain.

KRMG Peat Marwick conducted the audit. Project Director John DiRenzo says the board needs to stay away from individual projects.

The audit also recommended the elimination of a $24 million discretionary construction fund that the board helps oversee. In its place, the audit suggests setting up another $24 million governed by tighter controls on how the money gets used.

A second audit is in the works examining how the Department of Transportation operates. That audit will come out in May