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Rocky Mount School For Sale

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ROCKY MOUNT — At a time when most school systems are struggling to deal with population growth, one local system has an extra school on its hands.

In fact, the public school is up for sale.

A Davidson developer is offering nearly three million dollars for the campus.

"We had some good times, it's kind of sad to see this school go," former student Debbie Reynold said. "It's kind of a community type school. Everybody around here went to that school."

While former students will miss the school, county leaders say the sale means a better education for future students.

If everything goes through, the county will use the money to get rid of some portable classrooms at other campuses.

"Because of the commercial value of this property, we can get enough money from the sale of this property to construct new classrooms, to house the children on existing campuses," School Superintendent Travis Twiford said.

Twiford said that the timing was perfect because the county is already building a new middle school near Red Oak.

However, students like Charlie Creech said that saying goodbye to the old campus will not be easy.

"They've got a gym out there and there's nights we play basketball," Creech said. "We've got a big field out there where we can run the mile in. I like it here."

Classes will continue until June. Then, the campus that raised much of northern Rocky Mount will close its doors forever.

The school superintendent said that there have been three developers interested in the land.

The county refused twice before because at the time, it had nowhere to put the remaining students. Reporter / Photographer: ~Brian Bowman


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