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Having A 'Good Friday' in the Triangle

Posted April 9, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Good Friday is a day that Christians set aside for recollection, fasting, and penance.

Parishioners at Our Lady of Lourdes marked the day by praying the stations of the cross. The devotion dates back to the Middle Ages, and is shared by Christians around the world.

"During the crusades those who went to fight in the wars came back and told stories about the holy land," Father Jeffrey Ingham said. "Those who did not go wanted the same experience, so they began to put up the stations of the cross."

Good Friday is set aside for remembrance of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

Parishioner Tim Hahn said, "We're called to take up our cross and that's why it's so pivotal for us as Catholics, and for all Christians really."

On this good Friday, marchers commemorated not just the suffering of Jesus, but the hardships many members of our society endure today.

The march organizer Gail Phares explained their reasons for marching, "The young black males in prison and the poor who are living in Latin America who are getting poorer because of the economic policies of the United States."

On the streets of Raleigh, dozens of people braved the rain to join in a march across North Carolina, which ends on the steps of the capitol. The groups purpose was to raise awareness about substandard economic conditions in foreign countries.

While Christians reflect back on the suffering of Jesus, they are also mindful of the suffering that exists today.

The Christian season of Lent ends on Easter Sunday, with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.