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Cumberland County Deputy Testifies Against Golphin Brothers

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FAYETTEVILLE — Thursday, a Cumberland County officer described a gruesome scene he encountered on Interstate 95, in which two fellow officers were found shot to death.

The deputy testified against Tilman and Kevin Golphin, who are accused with the September 23, 1997 murder of Officers David Hathcock and Ed Lowry.

Dozens of lawmen responded to the crime scene, the first of those officers to arrive was deputy Kelly Curtis. On the stand Thursday, Curtis recalled finding his two friends.

"Stepping away from my vehicle, I saw two officers down," Deputy Curtis said.

First, he remembers spotting Deputy David Hathcock,

"The right side of his stomach had a large hole blown into it."

Then a few feet away Curtis saw Ed Lowry,

"I observed several gun shot wounds to his back"

Curtis immediately called for help, and State Trooper Kenneth Morgan began chasing the suspects at more than 100mph. After seven miles, Morgan testified that he saw the Golphin brothers crash their car at a Harnett County truck stop.

"I saw two black males come out, one from either side," Officer Morgan said. The state trooper was also asked if he had a good shot at the suspects. Morgan responded, "Due to the people that were in the background in the Hardee's parking lot, no, it was full of people and vehicles."

Donnell Evans was at that truck stop, and said that the brothers approached him. Evans thought that the brothers needed to use the telephone.

"He greeted me with a smile and said 'hey man how's it going,' when I saw the guns, I said somethings up," Evans said.

The Golphin brothers were then apprehended by law officers. There will not be court on good Friday, but testimony will continue on Monday.


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