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Witness in Golphin Trial Seen as Hero

Posted April 7, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A man who says he nearly became a victim of the Golphin brothers took the stand Wednesday in their murder trial. He's the man who followed the suspects after they allegedly shot and killed two law officers along Interstate-95.

Several people who were driving along I-95 that day described Wednesday the horror they witnessed on the side of the road. Each witness testified to the small piece of what happened leading up to the deaths of Trooper Ed Lowery and Cumberland County Deputy David Hathcock.

Wednesday's testimony proved to be too much for Lowery's widow. She left the courtroom during testimony from the first person who arrived on the scene after the shooting.

Witness Dana Blecke said she stopped and checked the officers' vital signs.

Testimony became even more graphic when the prosecution's star witness, Ronald Waters, took the stand. Waters said he saw the taller brother (Kevin Golphin) firing shots.

Waters testified that, after witnessing the shooting, he followed the Golphins for about three miles on I-95. The entire time, he says, he was on his cellphone with 9-1-1 operators. He said the other brother, Tilmon Golphin, tried to shoot him.

Waters said he thought the brothers had sped away, but when he looked out his Jeep window, he saw that he was again in the line of fire, but the Golphins' gun jammed.

Waters says he is certain that the jamming of the gun is what saved his life. After that, the brothers sped away from him.