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WRAL Healthy Hits Feed Fans at DBAP

Posted April 5, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Part of the fun of going to a baseball game is eating the hot dogs, peanuts and cotton candy, but all that food can take its toll on a diet.

Now, WRAL has teamed up with the DBAP concession booths to help fans make healthier choices. Health Team NutritionistLynn Hoggardsays it's easy to see what you're eating there now.

To help you make good food choices, the Health Team came up with something called Healthy Hits. When fans step up to the concession stand, the hits are easy to spot, designated by red diamonds on the menu. The diamond indicates the selection of something healthy. To make choosing even easier, each healthy hit displays the amount of calories, fat and cholesterol. The DBAP has lots of healthy foods. There are pretzels, low-fat hot dogs, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, low-fat ice cream and more.

Healthy Hits will be available beginning April 16, the Bulls' home opener, and WRAL will have a booth set up in the concession area so you can sample the low-fat items before you buy them.

Also at the booth, you'll find copies of the Health Team Cookbook for sale.