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Millions of Federal Dollars Going Into Global Transpark

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KINSTON — Some taxpayers may be skeptical, but the federal government says Global Transpark can work. That's why they're investing millions of dollars down east, in hopes of the grant silencing opponents who say the park will never get off the ground.

It's taking its share of criticism at home, but the Global Transpark is getting a $2.7 million blessing from the federal government. U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater says a successful Transpark would put North Carolina on the map.

Supporters hope the grant to extend the runway, will boost the Transpark's chances of luring a Fedex distribution center. Transpark spokesperson Jim Sughrue says the federal money would be a real boost, an Fedex would be even better.

Transpark leaders admit the larger runway doesn't guarantee that Fedex would settle down here, but they do believe it would make the area more attractive to other businesses. It might also appease eastern North Carolina taxpayers who have been paying for the park through higher license tag fees. U.S. District 1 Representative Eva Clayton says people need to realize the project was never meant to be an overnight success.

If Fedex brings its high paying jobs to Kinston, supporters believe it would silence critics who complain surrounding farmlands are the only places making money.

Secretary Slater also announced more than $20-million for airports across North Carolina. He did not say whether any of that money will go to the Global Transpark.

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