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DBAP is New Again

Posted April 5, 1998 7:00 a.m. EDT

— First there was El Toro Park, followed by the DAP, then the DBAP. Now, visitors to Durham Bulls games will visit thenew and improvedDurham Bulls Athletic Park.

As the Bulls usher in a new era of triple-A baseball in the Triangle, the not-so-old stadium is also upgraded.

Some of the differences between single-A and triple-A baseball show up only in the stadium. They include a club room for the players, more elevators, more ticket windows, and 2,000 more seats.

Bulls General Manager Peter Anlyan says those changes led to others.

Anlyan didn't have to include one of the biggest changes in his budget. The new Diamond View office building is outside the DBAP, but offers lucky office workers a climate-controlled, unobstructed view behind right field.

Anlyan says left field has a high-rise of its own, as another eight feet on the wall attempts to keep more balls in the park.

Some of the outfield changes reduce the space for advertising signs. Anlyan says new revolving signs called tri-vision allow more ads in less space.

With more seats, more spectators will see the ads, the double plays, and the home runs. For weeks, Anlyan says fans have been asking if the park will be ready for opening day. He's telling them that ball will be played and concessions will be served.

The Bulls will play their parent team, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Monday afternoon in an exhibition game.