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Grenade Cap Injures Garner Teen

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GARNER — The explosion was unnerving, but the damage could have been far worse Saturday after two teens came across what appeared to be a hand grenade blasting cap at their baseball field.

Jason "Rod" Jeffrey, 13, received only a few cuts to his hand -- possibly because his palm was open when the cap went off, rather than closed around the device.

The cap was discovered by two teenagers who are not players, but who were on hand to help with the workout at a field behind the old Garner High School off Avery Street. It was half-buried in the ground. When Jeffrey reached for the cap to look at it, it went off.

Witnesses said the sound rocked the neighborhood. Authorities don't know the origin of the device, but said it had a blue marking on it, indicating it was for training purposes. Some numbers are still visible, so it might be able to be traced.

Saturday was the Babe Ruth League team's first practice at the field.