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Mother Nature Returns to Her Winning Ways

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RALEIGH — Overnight, much of North Carolina had to toss the calendar aside. It may be spring somewhere else, but here things took a much nippier turn as temperatures in the Triangle area toyed with the low to mid-30s. Now, however, Mother Nature seems back to her more seasonable ways.

Today's high could reach 68, and the rest of the week will be dancing around the high 60s to low 70s for daytime highs. Nighttime lows should stay at least in the 40s.

Did we just hear all the gardeners and farmers heave a huge collective sigh of relief? If so, it's because so much tender vegetation runs the risk of damage when temperatures do things out of season.

For proper growth, flower and fruit development -- and lower prices in the grocery stores, plant nurseries and flower shops -- temperatures, rain and winds all have to be properly orchestrated. Since not much damage seemed to have occurred with last night's cold snap, we'll forgive Mother Nature's off-key performance.

And remember -- if you did cover some of your prized horticultural possessions with sheets or towels last night -- the coverings now need to be taken off.

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Kay Miller, Web Editor

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