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Trial Begins Monday in Officers' Slaying

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FAYETTEVILLE — The trial of two brothers accused of gunning down a pair of law officers will begin Monday. If they're convicted, Tilmon and Kevin Golphin could get the death penalty. It's expected to be one of the most highly publicized and most watched trials in Cumberland County history.

It took more than a month to seat 12 jurors and four alternates. The trial is expected to take three to five weeks. jurors must decide whether one or both of the Golphin brothers killed highway patrolman Ed Lowery and Cumberland County sheriff's deputy, David Hathcock.

If the they're convicted, jurors must also decide whether they will be put to death. The 12 person panel includes ten women and two men. Eleven are white and one is black. Because of pretrial publicity, the jury was selected in Johnston County- they will be bussed daily to Cumberland County.

Jurors will take the same stretch of interstate on which the two officers were killed, but Judge Coy Brewer has ruled they cannot drive by the murder scene because of the shrine of flowers and wreaths that have been set up as a memorial to the slain officers.

Ed Lowery's widow, Dixie Lowery, says she's anxious for the trial to begin because she wants some closure to all this. But she's also afraid because she realizes she'll have to relive what happened, detail by detail.

Lowery says if the Golphins are convicted, she wants them to get the death penalty. WRAL OnLine will provide live audio coverage from the Cumberland County Courthouse beginning Monday


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