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The Defense Attacks A Key Witness in the Blackwell Case

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DURHAM — The defense for Timothy Blackwell cross-examined a highway patrol officer all day on Friday.

Blackwell is charged with murder for the death of four-year-old Megan Dail. Prosecutors said that he was driving drunk when his truck hit the Dail's minivan last year.

The defense attorney tried to imply that the accelerator stuck on Blackwell's truck right before the accident.

He also suggested that Blackwell did not cross the center line; however, the trooper that testified said that there is no evidence to support these allegations.

Highway Patrol Officer Mike Homes was forced to defend his agencies conclusions about the accident numerous times.

Brown used video tape from the scene, and highway patrol diagrams that he implied were incorrect.

The jury had to be dismissed several times while the judge questioned the defense team's strategy.

The defense attorney asked to cross examine the witness for a second time, but the judge put a stop to it. The judge said that the witness was exhausted and that this line of questioning was also exhausted.