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Accused Killer Causes a Controversy

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RALEIGH — In court on Friday an accused killer wanted to read a controversial statement to the jury against his lawyers wishes.

The statement claimed that the accused Allen Holman was not sorry, and not mentally impaired when he chased down his wife and shot her. Holman also said that he did not care if he lived or died.

The court then assigned psychologist Dr. Nicole Wolf to evaluate Holman and make sure that he understood what he was doing.

Dr. Wolf said, "It is my opinion, at this time, he is competent enough to make a decision to testify or not to testify."

Holman decided not to testify.

Holman pleaded guilty to first degree murder for the July 28 murder of his wife.

A jury will decide whether Holman will receive life in prison or the death penalty. Closing arguments take place on Monday.