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The Twin Counties See Economic Success

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ROCKY MOUNT — The economic forecast looks good for two counties that have had their share of tough breaks over the years.

Nash and Edgecombe counties are rebounding from a recent exodus that sent hundreds of jobs away.

Mike Overton started his first business in Rocky Mount three years ago. He is still there, and doing well because of what he calls a solid base of customers.

"It's a good place to do business. We've felt really at home with the people. They keep coming back. We must be doing something right, I guess," Overton said.

Overton said that one good move was setting up his small business in the Nash-Edgecombe Twin Counties area, because big business is on its way.

This week, the area announced that the Black & Decker building in Tarboro, which has sat empty since 1995, will be used again by a different company, Air Systems Components. The company will employ about 300 people, and will make heating and air-conditioning vents.

The news is significant because Black & Decker was the first of the large businesses to leave the area three years ago.

Across both counties, business advocates are pushing the benefits of living and working here.

President of the Chamber of Commerce Charlie Glazener said, "The new Carolina Partnership is very involved in the economic development. There is just a great spirit here that Rocky Mount is a great place to do business, a great place to live and a great place to educate our children."

Recent business additions are bringing with them hundreds of jobs, and new hope that the economic problems of the mid 1990's are gone for good.

The company moving into the old Black and Decker building plans to hire about 300 employees over the next three years.