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UNC's Jamison Contemplates Career Move

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Antawn Jamison said that he wants to repay his family for supporting him.
CHAPEL HILL — College player of the year Antawn Jamison will make a career decision in the next few weeks. He will either choose to finish school and try once more to win a national title, or leave Carolina a year early for the NBA.

Jamison is close enough to meeting his degree requirement, that he can turn pro and still earn the diploma in the offseason.

However, Jamison said that the decision is not that easy,

Listen toauorRealAudiofiles. "I just love the experience of being a kid, of going to college. Its funny, but I even enjoy going to class."

The NBA's top two rockies of this season both turned pro after successful senior years.

Listen toauorRealAudiofiles. "They showed me that you can be successful in the NBA and still get the money, but you can stay four years in college and enjoy yourself also," Jamison said.

Anyone who saw Jamison kiss the floor in San Antonio knows that Jamison is giving serious thought to the financial side of the decision. He is thinking of his family.

Jamison said that his family gave him a lot of support, and that for 21 years they have worked hard, "I have the opportunity now either this year or next year, where they won't have to work anymore."


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