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Advisory Committee Makes Reassignment Recommendations

Posted March 30, 1998 6:00 a.m. EST

— Some Wake County students slated for school reassignment may not end up moving after all. A special advisory committee made its recommendations to the school board Monday night.

After thousands of phone calls and faxes and months of research, the advisory committee's findings won't make everyone happy. Parents say at least the committee members are listening.

An advisory committee member detailed recommendations about school re-assignment before the school board and about a dozen parents.

It was a far cry from previous hearings, when Wake County parents packed in to protest. But they are still waiting anxiously to learn if their children will be forced to change schools.

At Swift Creek, the committee recommends sending some students to Smith and others to Dillard Drive. They also recommend keeping a a cap on enrollment at Davis Drive, and looking into a half day kindergarten program there.

"The Kindergarten is something that enhances the capping issue economically," says parent Steve Browden. "It's a space saving tool."

Not every parent agrees with every recommendation, but most believe the advisory committee was listening to their concerns.

The school board has about a week to consider the committee's recommendations. The board will vote next week on a final plan for re-assigning about 2,000 students.