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The Annual Buzz Bugs Us All

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RALEIGH — Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Smack. Buzzzzzzzzzz. Smack. It's an outdoor ritual of summer, as we try to win the battle against blood-hungry mosquitoes. But this year, we might not do so well.

Experts say we probably should brace ourselves for a mosquito onslaught.

The warm, wet weather we've had is perfect for breeding the pesky insects.

Most mosquitoes need just a little bit of standing water and the right temperatures to multiply by the millions.

Pest control experts advise that we elimate places that have standing water, such as gutters and storm drains. Water in bird baths should be changed often enough to prevent mosquito eggs from developing. And, if you have some tires around your property, look inside to make sure rain water hasn't accumulated there.