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Spring has Sprung

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Flowers for sale at the nursery.
GOLDSBORO — Final four fever isn't the only thing sweeping across North Carolina. Spring fever is here, and the symptoms include a shovel, new plants and green thumbs.

Daniel Casey, a plant nursery owner, said, "I think the weather has been so dreary for so long people have just got, as they say, cabin fever. They just want to get out. The weather's beautiful and it's a gorgeous weekend."

Casey's nursery expects heavy traffic this weekend from people wanting to fix up their yards. Even professional landscapers like Leon Cox are excited about the work.

"Not only will I get to do some of the things I get paid to do, I get to do some of the things around the house and enjoy life, just like any body else does," Cox said.

For people who make their living outdoors, the timing of this warm spell means money. Many farmers hope that it will help them overcome months of excessive rain that have put them up to two weeks behind in their growing season.

The ground is just dry enough in some areas to support the heavy equipment.

Tobacco farmer Benton Mitchell said, "We've been waiting for some sunshine and it's finally got here. Everybody's doing all they can now to try to catch up on some of the work."

Whether it is major work in the field, or minor work in the yard, people will look for any excuse they can to get out of the house this weekend.


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