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Tar Heels Take Stroll in Texas

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Coach Bill Guthridge strolls through San Antonio.
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — While in San Antonio, players and fans will take in the history and character of the city. One of the most popular activities is taking a stroll along the riverwalk.

The riverwalk pumps life into the heart of the city. Shops and restaurants sit on the banks of the San Antonio river that runs through the middle of the city.

The riverwalk began as a resolution to flooding, but transformed San Antonio into a popular tourist spot as well.

Besides walking, tourist can cruise along the river in boats taking in the sites while getting a history lesson.

Listen toauorRealAudiofiles. Tourist Nancy Burton said that the ride was fun and that she learned a lot about the city.

Listen toauorRealAudiofiles. Richard Hurd, the director of Parks and Recreation,said, "Around every turn there is something new. It is a real pleasant area to explore."

Today, Bill Guthridge and the Tarheels went into the city and strolled down the riverwalk.

Shammond Williams, "It's a nice city, and there are a lot of great people."

After signing several autographs, the players took in the sites by taking a boat ride, but Williams said that they know why they are in San Antonio.

"We are trying to get prepared and get ready for some big basketball," Williams said.